Military CrossFire is a show for Veterans (and Active Duty). The website is full of tools for Veterans who are looking for support, for everything from PTSD, Reintegration, to general VA questions and where to have some fun! I will have a daily show where I will interview Active Duty and Veterans alike, as well as Lifelong Civilians who either have a message of Hope, Motivation or Support for Veterans.

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Special Forces Mike Garvan Talks About His Experience in the Army Special Forces! We also discuss how life is “Post Service” Being a Certified VREB Agent. Veterans Serving Veterans. https://www.vrebnetwork.com/

We talk about this competitive market and how VREB agents, and what make them different!

Tim Chambers talks about “Back To The Roots” which is this weekend! Be sure to check for our live Shows Starting this Thursday the 8th!

The number of homes for sale in August 2020 was down 6.1% from July 2020 and down 29.6% from August 2019. Based on the rate of home sales in August 2020, the Months Supply of Inventory decreased to 1.7 compared to 1.9 in July 2020 and decreased compared to 3.3 in August 2019.

Nancy August, Mother of Master Sergeant Jeff August talks about being a Military Mother, Daughter (Her father fought in WWII) and Niece. She shares her Experience, Strength and Hope during this episode!

Veteran Colonel Criner discusses the Tough Topics! Are You in tough Financial Position and need to get out from Underneath your home? Can you Buy Again? Do you need a Certified Agent?

Proud Veteran Nick Rahn gives an update on Warriors Next Adventure. We talk about his Racing Team, His Canoe Trip down the St Croix, and how you can support his cause! Warriors Next Adventure is a 501(C)(3)B

Dr. Smokey Santillo is a Naturopathic Physician who has been practicing health welfare for over 40 years. He has written several books which have sold over 10 million copies. He is the creator and founder of Juice Plus+ which is sold in over 26 countries and is the largest selling encapsulated product in the world!

Colonel Eric Criner gives us a Real Estate Update! We talk about the “Forbearance Factor”, Earnest Money and the VA Inspection!

Marcus M. Smith, MBA From Veterans Outreach Program Specialist from the Department of Veterans Affairs Shares his Story!

Special Forces Ryan Hendrickson talks about his Book “The Tip of the Spear” and his 7 Afghanistan Deployments!

Erik Therwanger discusses Chapter 11 of the Leadership Connection; Build Leaders. We go into Great Detail About How To Create Leaders!

Steve Hoyt from Black Horse Forge gives us an update and Tips on how to support him! They supply Veterans with the tools to start their own Forge Business!

Colonel Criner Talks Maximizing your selling price! Make sure your home price is NOT undervalued!

Proud Air Force Veteran Jeff August and myself have a “Round table” discussion about his life in the service and life after!

Update with Colonel Eric Criner about being a good seller! We also discuss his proprietary software for showing Veterans how to buy a home through their network!

Jay Mitchell from Trusted Homes! He is a 14 year Army Veteran who loves selling and buying for his fellow Veterans!

Tim Chambers talks about his next Event on October 10th! We also discuss the Mobile Dentistry and how you can help!

Dusty Baxley from Boulder Crest Foundation drops into Military CrossFire! They have a Fantastic process to help Veterans with PTSD!

VREB CEO talks Why Bank Owned and Short Sales homes don’t work well with VA Loans—plus a great market update With Colonel Eric Criner.

Nick Rahn discusses his Non-profit “Warriors Next Adventure.” This is a really good interview!

Real Estate Market update with Colonel Eric Criner! We discuss the VREB Network and how to make a VA Qualified offer!

Proud Marine Veteran Erik Therwanger comes on Military CrossFire to discuss his brand new Social Media Platform Think GREAT!

Proud Marine Veteran Erik Therwanger comes on Military CrossFire to discuss Chapter 9 of the Leadership Connection!

Gary Slyman talks about Great Transitions Strategies once you leave the service! He shares his experience on the best moves and when to do!

Erik Therwanger from Think Great talks About Chapter 8 of the “Leadership Connection” Cultivation. Cultivation is a critical component of any Corporation looking to expand. Listen and learn how to do this!

Steve Hotz from non-profit Black Horse Forge comes on MCF to discuss his plans! They create business opportunities for Veterans!

Nick from Warriors Next Adventure comes on Military CrossFire to discuss his non-profit! Nick is a firm believer in Recreational Therapy and shares his experience!

Carla Lemon Corporate Director from VAREP.NET comes onto Military CrossFire to discuss Veteran Advocacy and their role in assisting Veterans. They are a great non-profit!

Fort Hood Survivor Pat Zeigler goes Live on Military CrossFire to discuss what it is like being a Fort Hood Shooting Survivor!

Proud Marine Veteran Peter Nett comes onto MCF to Talk about getting a job post service with some great tips!

Colonel Eric Criner Talks About a HOT Real Estate Market! Covid-19 is making it a great time for selling!

Air Force Veteran Mac Mastroni does an interview with MCF! During this interview we discuss his PTSD Experience in Detail! What it was like before, and what is like now. Success Story!

Karl Schwartz
Executive Director From “Bravo Zulu Outdoors” Comes on MCF to discuss Focus, Hope and Purpose on this episode. A non-profit from Virginia! #BravoZuluOutdoors #military #Veteran #Veterans

Are you buying or selling a house in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads Virginia area? This episode is with Navy Veteran Eric Gardner. He is a fantastic Realtor in that area! Check him out. He is with the VREB Network too with Rewards Benefits!

Looking to find a job after the Service? Check out the latest Episode with Air Force Veteran Jeff August! We go over some great tools to find a new Career.

Chapter 6 of the “Leadership Connection” With Proud Marine Veteran Erik Therwanger. We talk about “Increase Accountability” in the Workplace!

Nick from “Warrior’s Next Adventure” comes on Military CrossFire to give us his latest update. We talk about Veterans climbing the tallest peak in Colorado! 

Erik Therwanger from “Think Great” comes on Military CrossFire to discuss Chapter 5 of the Leadership Connection. This Chapter goes into great detail about “Delegate with a Purpose.”

Update with Tim Chambers the Saluting Marine! We talk about the 4 nonprofits he is involved with, where he has been and where he is going.

Colonel Eric Criner goes Live on Military CrossFire to talk about today’s “Covid” House market! Should You Buy or Wait?

Army 3 Star General Lewis comes onto Military CrossFire to discuss his Deployments and where he is at now. He goes into details about the ROE in certain situations! Thank you General Lewis!

Our Host At Military Crossfire gives us a Breakdown of how and Why Military CrossFire Started!

Gerard Dempster Talks life as a Marine with a Purple Heart! We discuss in great detail his 5 Deployments!

What is the VREB Network? Check this video out, Eric Criner from the VREB Network Talks Local and National VA Realtor relationships! #veterans #militarycrossfire #military #army

Realtor Jason Cheperdak comes on Military CrossFire to talk Veteran home Buying and Selling in D.C!

Proud Air Force Veteran Keith Feldbrugge talks about his experience as an F-16 Crew Chief. He shares his experience with serious drug addiction and how he found a path out of it. Thanks Keith!

We talk about Tim’s 30 year career as a Coast Guard Pilot! We also discuss some details about the Coast Guards role in todays Military!

A Must see interview! Colonel Mooney comes on Military CrossFire to discuss his Combat Tours in Iraq, Kuwait and Yemen. Great Interview!

We are doing a 12 part series with Proud Marine Erik Therwanger. We are covering his book “The Leadership Connection.” Here is Chapter 3 on Leadership!

Jeff August Talks About Alternative Treatments to Traditional pain both Physical and Emotional. Please contact Jeff directly with questions!
Jeff August: jeffreyaaugust@hotmail.com

Phillip Parrish talks about where the Navy was at, and where they are now. He gives some more tips on reintegration and offers up his farm as a resource! Contact Phillip at: phillipcparrish@yahoo.com

We are doing a 12 part series with Proud Marine Erik Therwanger. We are covering his book “The Leadership Connection.” Here is Chapter 2 on Leadership!

We are doing a 12 part series with Proud Marine Erik Therwanger. We are covering his book “The Leadership Connection.” Here is Chapter 1 on Leadership!

Eric Criner talks about his background and what it is like Running the VREB Network!

Jeff August talks about his Background and what it is like being a Veteran of both the Army and Airforce!

Nick Rahn gives a fantastic Speech about his Background and his struggles with PTSD and Depression!

Tim Chambers “The Saluting Marine” Checks into the Military CrossFire Studio for an update on his service!

Eric Gardner is a Realtor in Norfolk Virginia. He talks about reintegration and what it is like serving the Veteran community in regards to buying a new home!

Navy Veteran Phillip Parrish talks Reintegration back into the “New Norm” after serving!

Pete Nett Calls in for an update. Pete is a proud Marine who currently works in the St Paul Area as a Realtor. Check out Pete’s check in!

Andrea Adkins talks about her business “Report To Base”. This is a tool for the Enlisted looking to make a move across the country. This is a resourceful interview.

Eric Criner from the VREB Network gives us an update on Real Estate across the Nation! The VREB Network gave back over 1.2 Million to Veterans across the Nation in 2019! Buying or Selling a Home?

Nick Rahn discusses his Non-profit “Warriors Next Adventure.” This is a really good interview!

We are discussing VAREP.Net and all the TOOLS they have for Veterans looking to buy or sell a home! Eric Gardner Navy Veteran is featured!

Proud Marine Veteran Pete Nett discusses Reintegration. He gives tips Galore!

Tim Chambers discusses Rolling To Remember details and the changes that are happening. We also discuss the “Mobile Dentistry” campaign he is working on!

Alex Gil, Army and Air Force Veteran steps into the Military CrossFire studio to discuss what its like being a Veteran of 2 Armed Forces!

The VREB National Director and I discuss Real Estate and VA Mortgage Loans!